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Aikido Lessons For Children Martial Arts In A Supportive And Safe Environment

Aikido is a soft Japanese martial art that emphasizes the development of respect, self-control, and collaboration. It is based on natural and simple movements, developing a sense of center and self-confidence. Aikido teaches children positive life skills and how to resolve conflicts in harmonious and pleasant ways.

In the Interel Dojo's children's Aikido classes we pay special attention to the development of healthy and natural movement, and your child will learn how to deal with stressful situations, and how to practice with other children with mutual respect.


The classes are suitable for children over the age of 6. The Aikido Kids classes are guided by two teachers - in a supportive, safe and non-competitive environment.


Classes are held on Monday at 4:30 pm to 5:20 pm.

For more information contact leave your details above. Or call:

Alex 052-856-0817

Aikido Kids 
Respect, Discipline, Focus

And Fun!


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